Bachelor of Business Administration : [ Business Research Methods ]

Business research methods include many ways of gathering information about an industry, its competition or the opportunities available that are relevant to conducting research. Some methods include scouring the internet, collecting data at the library, interviewing customers, running surveys and focus groups. Each type of research has pros and cons, so it’s important to be aware of all the variations and their applications.

Why You Need Business Research Methods

Using business research methods allow you, as a business owner, a potential start-up operator or even a would-be investor to make smart choices before real money is on the line. Think of it as testing footholds and anchors before scaling a mountain. Blind faith can cost you everything if you take the wrong steps, but moving forward with pragmatism and foresight can take you to the summit.

Risk-reduction is a huge benefit to doing well-executed business research. Understanding demographics, markets, opportunities, costs, benefits and client response can all have a huge impact on the best decisions for any project or business.